Personnel Procurement

The desire for a new challenge can sometimes be very strong. However, barriers such as numerous unanswered applications, uneasy job interviews, and discouraging rejections, can stand in the way.

We overcome the barriers for you by compiling your desired selection of interesting job offers, and will always be at your side with support and advice. And we do this for you absolutely free of charge.


Our coaching offer is a concept of LOGISTIC PEOPLE ACADEMY, targeted specifically at your professional development. Our consultants help to recognise established patterns to be able to reshape them.

This not only supports your actual skills, but also boosts your confidence and increases your self-esteem. The personal individual consultation ends once you have reached your goals.

Employee Assignment

We offer the chance for entry or re-entry into the logistics industry through temporary employee assignment from a purposeful selection of jobs and customers.

You will expand your horizon in various companies and areas, gather work experience and on-the-job training – all this whilst gainfully employed on a permanent basis with Logistic People. This is a good stepping stone as our clients almost always directly hire our staff, due to our excellent relationship and longstanding co-operation with our clients.

In the interest of fairness, all employees assigned to other companies are paid above the general pay scale, consistent with market wages, and terms of payment typical for the industry.

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